Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eggs over Easy

Now that I've cut all starch out of my diet, I find that I'm often not hungry until noon. When I do get hungry, I get hungry for eggs.

Eggs are cheap, even organic eggs from free-range chickens. They cost me about $3.50 per dozen. Well worth the price.

Here's how I most often make them.

Step 1: Put a non-stick pan over medium-low for about 10 mins. It's best to have the pan warm before you begin to cook.

Step 2: Drop in about 2 tbsp. of butter. Swirl pan until all butter is melted and entire pan is coated.

Step 3. Carefully crack two or three eggs into the pan. I like mine over easy, but do as you please. (My advice: don't cook the yolks through. A runny yolk is one of life's great pleasures.)

Step 4: Pour entire contents of pan into a bowl, break the yolks and mix with the butter. I find the experience utterly delightful, and when I make this my noon meal I'm not hungry again until late in the afternoon.

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